This is NOT a blog post.

I like anime.
I like manga.
I like light novels.

I like beautiful 2D girls, preferably in the Japanese style.
Sometimes a more cartoonish style is good, too, though.

I am a sucker for everything ~Moe~.
I am a sucker for everything from KyoAni.
I am a sucker for everthing from J.C.Staff.

Catgirls are love.
Catgirls are life.

I am a lolicon, and I am proud of that fact.

Lolis are love.
Lolis are life.

Torrenting is equal to freedom.
Corporations that abuse torrenting are restricting your freedoms.

Don’t pay for anything if you can get if for free, unless you really believe in it.

I like aphorisms.


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