new beginnings

– In times of trouble we always ask ourselves what could have been, not what would have been plausible, reasonable and non-regrettable.
– In times of piece and harmony we shit all over ourselves and hate on people who prepare for worse times.

These are not our actual problems.

Our actual problems are as follows>
– too much stuff
– too many devices
– too many brainless activities
– too much ignorant bullshit

To many out there these might not seem important enough. They will complain that climate change, for example, is not on this shortlist. But there’s a very good reason it’s not on there. That is because it is inevitable and shouldn’t be stopped. Our time on this planet, our evolutionary period, will come to an end. The faster this happens the sooner can this planet be healed.

We need to die out.
We need to rot.
We need to burn.
We need to be killed by whatever nature can throw at us.

Hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, traumatic climate, maybe it can even evolve magic if that gets rid of humans.

Humans are a pest, a torture for this world.

Humans have done nothing good.

There is however an order that I would like people to die in:
1. Religious leaders.
Be it Catholic priests, Lutheran ministers, Evangelicals in the US, or Imams and Hindus and Jews. Any religious authority has to die. At best make it yesterday.
2. Economists, capitalists and billionaires.
Kill them and take their money. Group A might not have much but they probably defend the system, and so they deserve to be lumped in with the rest.
3. Individuals on my black list.
I will not name them here, they know who they are. If I ever get a gun then those on my black list are goners. Or maybe a really big knife.

In conclusion: I do not like humans, very specific groups of humans, and I think they should all die.

Thank you.

(c)(r)TM 2018 Goth Kids Inc.

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